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As we all know, we are living in very strange times at the moment. However, we can feel there is a massive light at the end of the tunnel now! The restrictions are rising, numbers are increasing at gatherings, pubs and restaurants are opening, however, there is still social distancing. The big question on everyone’s lips, But how can I dance it I can't touch someone or dance with a partner?

I want to answer this for you today! Of course, being able to have two bodies move together with music is the best thing about Ballroom Dancing. The ability to move around the floor in synchronisation and love every minute of it, however, what many of you don’t realise is that Ballroom Dancing, whether it be Standard, Latin, or New Vogue, can all be learned solo and on our own. In fact, if you want to really improve your skillset, knowledge, and confidence, this is one of the best ways to do it. To be able to learn the technique of steps without worrying about your partner distracting you; to be able to know your step sequence on your own, and your partner not pulling you through a routine you don’t know the steps to; to be able to dance these steps to time on your own, increasing your confidence in your own ability and performance. These are special traits and attributes, which no matter what level dancer you are, can really and truly improve your self-esteem and dancing abilities.

Don’t get me wrong, and as I said before, the beauty of Ballroom Dancing, is the ability of two bodies to move in sync to the music. This is the best!!! But why not, take this opportunity with both hands and improve your own skills, so that when the time comes to touch and spark that magic again, you are ready and confident to go!

At Madeleine's, we are priding ourselves on giving you the safest environment possible to dance in! Following all protocols and guidelines by the State Government and State Health Branch. We understand that people may be a bit on edge about returning to many normal daily activities, however, rest assured, you are in safe hands…… as long as you wash yours!

Ballroom Dancing Adelaide and Social Distancing
Can you social distance while dancing!

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