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When it comes to fitness nowadays, you have a smorgasbord of options. Online fitness apps with every form of exercise, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, F45, Boxercise … you name it you can do. Every gym offers every class under the sun. Then you have your fads, tae-bo, Zumba, barre … but there is one thing that always remains….. Ballroom Dancing.

I’ve had so many people tell me, I hate going to the gym, I get bored, I can’t motivate myself, I don’t know what to do so I can’t be bothered, I would prefer to go for a drink at the pub after work. The trick with dancing is that you can get every aspect you need in a class, whether it be a group class or a private lesson, or even your a practice session.

At the end of the day, we all need to move. If you haven’t danced, and you start, let me warn you, you will feel muscles that you never knew existed! And you will feel your feet hahaha. First things first, I may be biased, but dancing is never boring. There is always interacting with other people, so therefore this equals motivation. Then there is the movements to music, again another huge motivation. Then the physical fitness side…. The amount our body can change through the movements through all styles is something I can’t explain until you try it. The tone, activation, and coordination, all there!!!

Of course, in a class we won’t make you dance for an hour straight just because you want to break a sweat, you will more than likely injure yourself. You learn moves (great for the brain), you will break up a sweat just doing drills of steps and you won't even realise it until after the song is over because you will be too busy concentrating on the technique we taught you. And then putting it all together in a stamina class getting ready for a competition or just dancing your first fully choreographed routine. I think because the brain is so active, it burns more calories, rather then just empty thoughts on a treadmill. Again, my personal opinion.

Dancing keeps you fit. Using your brain keeps you young. Dancing with human interaction challenges you and awakens your personality, whether it be love or fear. You are alive!!! I think these are plenty of reasons why dancing is something that must be tried, don’t you?

It's Simple To Keep Fit, Just Dance

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